Draft Chapters for Review

Below is a list of the draft chapters for the Mendota 2014  Comprehensive Plan. Please click on the chapter titles to download the most current PDF version of that draft chapter.

Chapter 1: Introduction + Cover
Discusses the role of the plan, Thrive MSP 2040 requirements and provides an outline of the plan for reference.

Chapter 2: Public Engagement
This chapter outlines the planning process, public participation methods and a summary of all feedback.

Chapter 3: Population and Growth Profile
This chapter focuses on describing recent and forecasted changes to the community including population trends, population projections and other growth indicators.

Chapter 4: Land Use and Development
Covers growth forecast, community designation, existing land use, and future land use.

Chapter 5: Downtown Development Strategy
This chapter provides review and a plan for continued reinvestment in Downtown Mendota.

Chapter 6: Parks and Trails
Summarizes the City’s parks and trail systems.

Chapter 7: Economic Competitiveness
Provides community context regarding key industries/centers of employment, redevelopment, education and workforce, business development, as well as economic information, monitoring and strategic initiatives.

Chapter 8: Water Resources
Details the existing conditions and future needs for the City’s wastewater, water supply and surface water systems.

Chapter 9: Resilience
Describes the City’s capacity to respond, adapt and thrive under changing conditions and covers the areas infrastructure & environment, energy infrastructure & environment, healthy communities, and economy & society.

Chapter 10: Transportation
Addresses the topics of transportation analysis zones, roadways, transit, bicycling and walking, aviation, and freight.

Chapter 11: Housing
Describes current housing conditions and projected housing needs.

Chapter 12: MNRRA
This chapter provides an overview of the Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area and related policies for growth and development.

Chapter 13: Implementation
Identifies the common tools and procedures by which the plan will be implemented and provides steps for successful implementation of the plan.

Appendix A: Survey Results
Appendix A contains the results of the community-wide survey.